Airsoft Mosfet Optiline

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Airsoft Mosfet Optiline
(electronic switch unit / elektronischer Schalter)

Handmade in Germany!

- one of the fastest electronic switch units on the market
- with The lowest electrical resistents on market: only 0,00034 ohm! (at 11.1 volt)
- one of the smallest Mosfets for Softair on the market
- water resistent
- extremly efficient and no cooling required
- 300 A continous current
- 1200 A peak current
- extremly low leakage current 0,0000002 ampére
- designed for 6 to 14 Volts of operating voltage
- including 2x 50cm OFC-wires AWG14 (2mm^2)


€ 159,00  plus VAT and delivery charges

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