Siemens PG P3

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Siemens Simatic PG P3 Programmiergeraet f. S5 + S7 + WinCC flexible, 1GHz P3 latest generation, 160GB Harddisk, 15" TFT, 512MB Ram, S5 + S7 Connection, 2x USB 1.1 12MBit, 4x USB 2.0 400MBit, NEW Batterie, USB-Mouse, Lan-Cable, Null-Modem Programminginterface, Siemens S5-adapter, Siemens S7+WinCC adapters, Lan Crossover adapter, USB Programming-cable f. Danfoss, Siemens Part No.: 6ES7710-3AA33-3GB2, , EProm + EEProm + MMC + S5 + S7 Memory-Card-writer integrated!
(6ES77103AA333GB2 PG 710 6ES7 710) ---


€ 1.299,00  plus VAT and delivery charges

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